Sports Psychology Discussion

Megan Marsh, Sports Psychology

Megan Marsh will be holding a Sports Psychology discussion focused on getting the most out of your CrossFit experience. Whether that be daily workouts, competition performance or overall fitness-goal achievement.

Topics include: 1. Flow (aka being in the “Zone”) 2. Composure and 3. Pre-performance routine.

Some discussion points will include: having clear goals, challenge-skill balance, anxiety, fear of failure/success, among others.
We hope to see you there. Free to FRCF members.

Megan was a competitive figure skater growing up, participating in both individual and pairs events. She skated from ages 5 to 17. Upon moving to Colorado for graduate school Megan decided to lace her skates back up and compete for another two seasons. She placed 4th in pairs skating at the Junior National level, and received a silver medal in the National Solo Ice Dance Championships.

Megan has her Master’s degree in Sport and Performance Psychology and is pursuing her Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology. She hopes to work with athletes and other types of performers in their pursuit of personal excellence, through addressing clinical issues such as anxiety and depression, that can get in the way of accomplishing their goals and dreams. Megan is passionate about CrossFit and the psychological components that can play a role in one’s fitness and/or competitive journey. Whether you are struggling with motivation, burnout, pressure to perform, or some other area that’s getting in the way of living life the way you would like, Megan is happy to address these concerns with you.