Rowing Clinic

Rowing Clinic with Big Jon Kissick

Big Jon Kissick, is a five-year veteran of the US Men’s National Team. During his tenure on the National Team, his boat won the Pan Am’s twice as well as winning the Goodwill Games. They also earned a Bronze medal at the World Championships.

We are super lucky to have the opportunity to train with such an experienced athlete. He has over 20 years of experience both rowing and coaching. During this 2-hour seminar we will be going over rowing skills, drills and sprint starts. We will teach you how to properly set up the rower as well as a proper rowing warm-up. Plus you will get a great workout during the clinic. 

Whenever rowing is used in conjunction with other exercises in a CrossFit workout, the rowing portion tends to negatively impact the rest of the workout.  This is due to inefficient technique. This seminar will really improve your ability to get off the rower with more energy to finish the rest of your workout.

I can’t recommend this workshop with more enthusiasm.