CrossFit Workout 7/18/18 Wednesday

:30 ring row hold
kb assisted sleeper stretch
10 perfect pushups

Workout Warmup
15:00 to build to something heavy in:
1 strict press+2 push press+3 push jerk

In between rounds do:
Pullup warmup
a rowing sprint start

AMRAP 4:00
5 Bar Facing Burpees
3 C2B
1 S2O 205/135, 155/105, 95/65

Rest 3:00

AMRAP 4:00
7 Burpees over the bar
5 pullups
3 S2O 165/110, 135/95, 75/55

Rest 3:00

AMRAP 4:00
9 Burpees
7 ring rows
5 s2O 115/75, 95/65, 45/35

Coach’s Note
Each of these workouts should be absolute sprints. The first shoulder to overhead should be heavy. The second should be moderate. The last should be light. Each workout is its own score. Have fun. 🙂

Around the world. 45:00 of:
2:00 easy movement.
An isometric hold you need work on.
Cycle through 4 or 5 isometric holds.

Push press 5×3 @ 85%. Not touch and go. Rest 3:00 between sets.

then superset:
DB neutral grip incline press 3×8 all tough sets
DB row 3×8/side all tough sets

rest :90 in between sets.

7-1 unbroken kipping HSPU
rest 3:00
EMOM 5: 2 wall walks+ 1 strict HSPU facing the wall

CrossFit Workout 7/17/18 Tuesday

3 rounds:
5 natural leg extensions slow and controlled
:30 Lazy side plank/side
10 t-spine rotations/side
:30 hollow hold

Workout Warmup
4 rounds
1 fast 50m sled push. Suggested weights: 2×45/2×25. This should be a sprint.
T2B practice
5 lateral bodyweight high box step ups
Stick jump practice

CrossFit Workout
14:00 AMRAP
30 cal row
25 stick jumps 20″”/12″”
20 goblet lunges 24/16
150 m crush carry 24/16
10 T2B

Coach’s Note:
This workout alternates between things you can get done quickly (stick jumps, lunges, T2B) and things that will be slow no matter how hard you work (big calorie row, crush carry). Try and use the slower portions as active recovery, and push the other movements to increase your score. The lunges are stepping forward this week!

7 rounds for exact same splits of:
150 run
15/12 cal bike
rest 1:00

On the 4:00 start
Snatch 5×2 @ 80%
Snatch Pulls 3×2 @ 110%. Rest as needed.

50% of your max double unders in a minute

CrossFit Workout 7/16/18

10:00 to Accumulate:
60 perfect air squats
2:00 in piriformis stretch/side
2:00 in glute bridge hold

Workout Warmup
5 rounds:
5 deadlifts building up above workout weight. Focus on moving perfectly and fast.
10 seated leg lifts
5 single arm thrusters/side. Stay light and focus on form before adding weight.
:30 heavy waiter’s carry hold/arm (suggest RX for last set is 32/24)

CrossFit Workout
For time:
10 Deadlifts 185/125
20 single arm thrusters total 20/12
550 run
20 single arm thrusters total 20/12
10 deadlifts 185/125

Coach’s Note
This workout comes down to the thrusters. Use the warmup to get very comfortable with this movement, and then try and hang on for bigger sets in the workout. Pick a weight on the deadlifts that allows you to go unbroken for both sets. If the thrusters are easy, then run HARD, and challenge yourself on the back half of this workout.

36:00 easy run

Back Squat 4×5 @ 80%. Rest 4:00 between sets.
Front Rack step ups 3×8 all tough sets
Barbell staggered stance RDLs 3×8 all tough sets

Rest 2:00 between rounds of the step ups and RDLs.

5 sets of 20-25% of your max pullups, for perfect form, and not under fatigue.

CrossFit Workout 7/14/18

CrossFit Workout

Partner workout.
6 rounds each:
1 partner completes
3 tire flips
10 tire box jump step downs
10 sledgehammer swings/side
50m sandbag overhead carry

while other partner runs a 400. Once both are complete, switch.

CrossFit 7/13/18 Friday

:30 front rack stretch w/band/side
10 empty bar clean pull unders
:30 overhead squat hold
10 empty bar snatch pull unders

Workout Warmup
15:00 building to no more than 165/110 of:
1 3 position power clean
1 slow down, paused front squat
1 3 pos power snatch
1 slow down, paused overhead squat

No touch and go off the ground. Focus on speed in the three positions, and perfect form on the squats

Get some easy rowing in between rounds

CrossFit Workout
For time with an 11:00 cap
21 Power cleans 115/75
18 front squats 115/75
15 power snatches 115/75
12 OHS 115/75
Every 3:00 including start row 9/7 calories

Coach’s Note
This workout will test your transition times and willingness to move the barbell. Pick a weight that is fairly light. This should feel like a sprint.

25:00 around the world
550 sled push at a moderate continous walking pace. If you have to stop, it’s too heavy.

Every 2min x6 sets 1 push press @90%

Not for time

Accumulate 25 perfect pistols off a high box/side

CrossFit Workout 7/12/18 Thursday

3 rounds all together of:
1 length high knees
1 length high knees w/butt kicks
1 length a-skips
1 length b-skips

then 3 rounds with a partner of:
:30 medium weighted plank (partner places weight on)
:30 gentle partner assisted thoracic opener
:30 mirror shuffle drill medium intensity

Workout Warmup
8 rounds of: E90s building in intensity of:
1 Flying 50 (dumpster to garage door). Start at the dumpster, build to a fast run, coast to a stop once you pass the garage door.

3 rounds of
3 overhead split squats building to workout weight
3 bjsd
15 double unders

CrossFit Workout
For time:
800 m run

rest 3:00

6:00 AMRAP
6 OH Split Squats/side 45/30 or 20/12
60 DU/30 stick jumps lowest height

Coach’s Note
The 800 is for time. Start off strong, and try and get faster over the second 400. Finish hard. The Overhead split squats may be awkward. Pick a weight that allows you to do 6 smoothly. Move fast and try and keep the double unders unbroken, or in large chunks.

Make up something

make up something

make up something

CrossFit Workout 7/11/18 Wednesday

Do the 5 step all together

Workout Warmup
12:00 of
Toe to bar practice
kipping Handstand pushup practice

Really use this opportunity to work with the coach for your class on perfecting your movement. If you have these, get better at them. If you don’t have them, take a step towards getting there.

CrossFit Workout
FT with a 30:00 cap
150 uneven farmer’s carry (switch sides whenever) 24/20 and 16/12
20 lateral burpee box step overs 20/16
15 toe to bar
1500/1200m row
rest :30, then repeat, but go faster.

score is total time plus the difference between your two rounds. If you go faster, you get to subtract.

Coach’s Note
Obviously, :30 isn’t enough to recover. Use it to write down your time for the first attempt, and to remind yourself how you’re going to go faster in the second round. If you can’t do HSPU, do pike HSPU.

:30 hard rowing
:30 rest
x10 rounds
sustainable pace every time

Every 2min x6 sets 1 snatch @85-90%
No misses!

Try and walk on your hands across the gym without kicking down.
Rest 3:00
If you can get across easily, accumulate 300 feet of handstand walking, must be in at least 10 foot incrememnts.
If you can get across, but it’s hard, accumulate 150 feet of handstand walking, must be in at least 5 foot increments
If you can’t get across:
15:00 of handstand hold and walking play.

CrossFit Workout 7/10/18 Tuesday

10:00 of:
:30 wall strike drills
1:00 double under practice
10 perfect air squats
10 breaths in couch stretch/side

Workout Warmup
20:00 to build to a heavy single in the complex of:
1 power clean+1 front squat+1 push press

in b/t sets, accumulate:
40 perfect pushups (if you can do this in one set, accumulate 75)
40 total high box bodyweight step ups. Aim for a height that puts your knee at least 2 inches above your hip crease.

After the 20:00 are up, hit 3 rounds of:
:20 row sprint. 1:40 rest

After the last sprint, rest 3:00 and then start the workout.

CrossFit Workout
7:00 AMRAP
9 Thrusters 95/65
150 run

Coach’s Note
This should be really painful. Pick a weight that you can keep all the thrusters unbroken. Run a little harder than you want to. Make it your goal to never stop moving over the 7:00.

Run 33:00 at an easy pace
If you can, do this on a trail

Every 3min x 5 sets 1 back squat @90%
Try and EXPLODE out of the hole.

7 min EMOM
2-4 unbroken bar muscle ups

CrossFit Workout 7/9/18 Monday

3 rounds:
:40 side plank/side
10 light 1 arm russian kb swings/arm
10 breaths in half moon on the rig/side
:30 rig supported back arch

Workout Warmup
8:00 of pullup or ring muscle up practice
3 rounds not for time of:
8 kb snatches/arm @16/12, or a weight that you can use perfect form at.
accumulate :15-:20 l-sit/n-sit on paralletes

then get a few practice snatches in at your workout weight, and start the workout

CrossFit Workout
20 total KB snatches 24/16
15 abmat situps
10 pullups

If you can do ring muscle ups, do 4 ring muscle ups each round

Coach’s Note
This workout should go fast. Try and hold onto the snatches every round. Use the abmat situps as a bit of a break, and then go for a big set of pullups. Adjust the pullup thing to be the hardest thing you can maybe do unbroken every round. If 4 RMU is easily unbroken, you can increase the number to the highest number you think you can do unbroken every round. The goal is to fatigue your grip with the snatches and still make you do big sets.

Bike 40/30 cals
rest 1:00
x7 rounds

Every 3min x5 sets 1 clean @90%

This should not be a new max. No missed lifts!

3 rounds, not for time:
:10 hanging L-sit
A medium set of unbroken T2B (if you can, do this without coming off the bar from the L-sits)
10 GHD situps

CrossFit Workout Saturday 7/7/18

CrossFit Workout
35:00 cap

Teams of 3:
550 sled pull/push
this should be at a moderate, grinding walking pace. 1 person pushing/pulling, one person walking alongside, 3rd person running a 400. When the person running catches the sled, switch. 8 minutes is a good goal time.

then complete, 1 person working, 1 rowing 1 resting:

240 calories


150 double kb/db shoulder to overhead
120 Front sqauts 135/95
90 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20
60 OHS 135/95
30 wall walks

550 sled push/pull (switch your sled style from the beginning)
same rules as buyin