CrossFit Workout 5/18/18 Friday

3 rounds, not for time, of:
:30 pallof press e/side
6 cossack squats e/side
quad smash w/barbell

Workout Warmup
5 rounds of:
5 goblet reverse lunges e/leg building well above workout weight–if you’re going RX, get up to 32/24
5 kb snatches e/arm
5 rotational med ball throws e/side

CrossFit Workout
For time

150 crush carry 28/20
25 box jump step downs 24/20
50 Goblet reverse lunges 24/16 total
50 total kb snatch 24/16. Switch as desired.
25 cal row

Coach’s Note
The crush carry comes down in weight a bit this week. Focus on keeping your forearms underneath the bell,
and your shoulders over your hips. A good time in this workout all depends on your willingness to push in
the back half. Fight to stay smooth and consistent through the lunges–going to failure too early will result in putting the bell down a lot! Finish strong on the row.

find a 3 rep back squat max at 2111
then 4 sets of 3 @ 90% @ 2111

15 min EMOM 1 squat snatch from the ground at a light weight.

Row 6000/5000m
every 1000 meters get off and walk a 150

CrossFit Workout 5/17/18 Thursday

3 rounds:
10 breaths in half moon e/side
10 quadroped t-spine rotations
10 strict knee raises

Workout Warmup
9 min emom:
Min 1: 10 russian kb swings building to WOW
Min 2: :30 of hardish rowing
Min 3: 6-10 kipping knees to chest

Then I want six minutes of dedicated toe to bar practice. Focus on building the rhythm of toe to bar,
and pulling your legs down hard into arch.

CrossFit Workout
8 min AMRAP:
15/12 calorie row
10 toes to bar
10 russian kettlebell swings 24/16
rest 4:00
For time:
What you accomplished in workout number 1
10:00 cap.

Coach’s Note
The goal for the AMRAP is fast, consistent movement. I want you to push hard enough that repeating will be difficult, but possible. If you struggle with toes to bar, use the row as recovery and hang onto the bar. If 10 unbroken is normally not that hard for you, push the row hard enough to challenge your toes to bar.

no lift. mobility instead

Bike 20/15 calories AFAP
rest :20
an unbroken set of double unders
rest as needed x3
score is double unders

12-10-8-6-4-2 of:
GHD situps
Glute ham raises

This is not for time. Fire your quads on the situps.

CrossFit Workout 5/16/18 Wednesday

12 min at an easy pace of:
1 min couch stretch. alternate legs
1 round of strict cindy
30 of easy shuttle running

Workout Warmup
3 rounds:
1 l-sit rope climb/1-3 legless rope climbs/AMRAP touch and go elevators/amrap rope rows rope clench hold
AMRAP slow down pause in bottom ring dips/3 slow negatives/AMSAP ring support with turnout
10 goblet squats with a pause in the bottom

CrossFit Workout
15 minute AMRAP:
15 goblet squats 28/20
150 farmer’s carry 2×24/16
15 perfect ring rows
15 perfect pushups
150 run

Coach’s Note
This workout is a longer AMRAP that will test shoulder endurance. The goblet squats should be slightly heavier than normal. If you are confident in your muscle endurance, try and push to keep the farmer’s carries unbroken, and the run fast.

Find a 3 rep max deadlift. No touch and go but don’t take your hands off the bar

Unbroken chest to bar
For time, rest as needed. If you fail, you stay at that rung of the ladder.

Around the World:
2 min of easy movement
1 min of an isometric hold
cycle through 4 or 5 holds
36:00 total

CrossFit Workout 5/15/18 Tuesday

10:00 of:
10 banded lunges e/ leg
easy 150 jog
10 scap pullups
1 broad jump
barbell warmup (RDLs, bent over rows, strict press, front squats, power clean, power snatch)

Workout Warmup
Min 1: pullup warmup
Min 2: 3 snatches building to workout weight.
Min 3: 25 double unders+10 high knees+10 butt kicks (watch video)
Min 4: 3 clean and jerks building to WOW

CrossFit Workout
Happy Birthday Silverman!
1 max set of unbroken kipping pullups into:

Light SAS
1 mile run
24 snatches 135/95
20 clean and jerks 185/125
15 ring muscle ups

Time cap: 30min

2 scores today. 1 is pullups, 1 is total time.

Coach’s Note

This workout is a long, highly technical movement. Pick weights that are challenging but safe–in the 70-80% range. If you can’t do ring muscle ups, do 30 burpee chest to bar/pullups/ring rows.

7×2 @ 90% of your low block hang clean max, starting on the 4:00.

find a challenging non-rebounded 2 rep box jump. Ideally use the soft boxes in the weight room.

6 rounds for the same split:
run 150
10 russian kb swings 32/24
8 pullups (if you do this after the workout, use 50% of your max set from today)
30 ub du
rest 1:00

CrossFit Workout 5/14/18

10:00 of:
1 forward roll
1 length bear crawl
:30 banded lat distraction
easy largish set of light wall balls (15-25)

Workout Warmup
3 rounds of:
Strict deficit HSPU/Strict hspu/hspu negatives/pike pushups
AMRAP strict chest to bar+:05 pause at the top/Strict pullups/negatives/c2b hold
kipping hand stand push up practice

spend 2 or 3 minutes each round “playing” in the bottom of a handstand with kipping. No abmats to reduce height–if you can’t control all the way down, keep working on that.

CrossFit Workout
3 rounds of 4 min on :90 off:
Row 500/400
25 wall balls 20/14
15 ball slams 30/20
Max strict HSPU in remaining time. (Scale to box handstand pushups)

Coach’s Note:
This is written so that you’ll have to push to have much/any time for HSPU.
The goal is to find a pace that allows you to push, but still kick right to the wall and start.
Score is total hspu across all rounds

find a heavy 3rm press @ 2011
then 4 sets of 3 @ 90% @ 3011
rest 4:00 b/t sets

10 min emom sustainable kipping HSPU
if you do this please record in zenplanner so I can see where people are at.

10 rounds of: row 2:00 rest 2:00
score is the total amount of meters difference between your fastest and slowest rounds. lower is better.

CrossFit Workout 5/12/18 Saturday

Workout Warmup
10:00 of:
barbell patterning (you pick snatch/clean&jerk)
db snatch practice
active hang from rings
easy 150 run

CrossFit Workout
Teams of 3:
1 lifting
1 working on the triplet
1 resting
male teams:
as a unit, lift 13,500 pounds, ground to overhead.
female teams:
as a unit, lift 9,500 pounds, ground to overhead
2 guys, 1 girl: lift 12,000 pounds
1 guy, 2 girls: lift 11,000 pounds.

One person completes:
run 150
10/8 calorie row
10 v-ups

switch every time someone finishes the triplet.

make a lift up

every 2 min x 7 sets
the same number of unbroken wallballs as last friday’s score, with a ball one size lighter than the ball you used.

:30 for calories on the bike
directly into AMSAP bottom of squat active hold 32/24
rest 5 times as long as it takes you to complete this
score is calories+1.5(squat hold seconds)

The goal for this is full send, every time.
x3 rounds

Scale number of rounds to maintain intensity.

CrossFit Workout 5/11/18 Friday

8:00 of:
10 planche leans
1 round of crossover symmetry
:30 bottom of squat hold w/ 16/12

Workout Warmup
“On a running 26:00 clock:
3 rounds:
AMRAP strict mu/ring to sternum pullups/ring to chest hold
AMRAP ring push ups slow down/pause in bottom/2-3 negatives ASAP/ top of pushup plank on rings
4 thrusters up to workout weight

pullup warmup
4 burpees in b/t rounds of pullup warmup
get setup for the workout

1:00 on 1:00 off on the rower, building from an easy minute to a very hard minute

23:00-26:00 rest

at 26:00, start:

CrossFit Workout
For time:
“Burpee Fran”

Complete Fran, for time. Every Minute on the Minute (including start) perform 4 burpees, then resume where you left off, until you complete Fran.

Scale the burpees so they take <15 seconds at high intensity.

11:00 cap

find a 4rm deadlift

a sustainable set of ring muscle ups

3 rounds, rest as needed in between:
AMSAP tuck lever hold
AMRAP face pulls with a controlled tempo out

CrossFit Workout 5/10/18 Thursday

only 1 warmup today:
16 min emom:
min 1: :30 of high knees/butt kicks (switch every round)
min 2: :20 ring row to chest hold-get more challenging each round
min 3: :40 of double unders
min 4: 10 double kb cleans

CrossFit Workout
For time:
150m farmer’s carry 2×24/16
1 mile run
150m front rack carry 2×24/16
100 double unders
150m crush carry 1×32/24
30/24 calorie row

28:00 cap
Instead of single unders, today I either want you to scale reps of double unders or do 60 stick jumps

no lift. mobility instead

3 rounds supersetted:
1 dragon flag negative as slow as possible
10 ghd situps
10 glute ham raises
rest as needed

30:00 of:
1:00 walk
1:00 jog
1:00 run
Score is total meters.

CrossFit Workout 5/9/18 Wednesday

10 min of
:30 balled fist wrist stretch
10 snatch grip rdls w/empty barbell
1 box jump building to a challenging height

6 rounds, building above workout weight
1 above knee hang power snatch+1 power snatch+1 ohs
no touch and go
6 russian kettlebell swings building to WOW
1 rowing sprint start

CrossFit Workout
12 min amrap
500/400m row
10 power snatches 115/75
10 overhead squats 115/75
10 russian kb swings 32/24

15 min to build to a heavy above knee hang snatch from blocks
6×3 @80%, drop the bar in between
Rest as needed

3 rounds:
6 slow negative pistols from a box e/side
15-20 banded hip adduction/abduction/leg
rest as needed

around the world
2 min easy movement
1 min isometric hold
Rotate through 4 or 5 holds
36 minutes total

CrossFit Workout 5/8/18 Tuesday

3 rounds:
banded lat stretch
1:00 arms only rower/bike
l-sit/n-sit on paralletes

Workout Warmup
3 rounds of:
“2-3 legless rope climbs/AMRAP pullups with a hand switch/2-3 negatives ASAP/clenched rope hold
AMRAP ring dips slow down, pause in bottom/AMSAP bottom of ring dip hold/5-7 challenging banded ring dips
3 deadlifts up to workout weight

CrossFit Workout
On a running 20:00 clock
0-10 minutes
10 deadlifts 155/105
10 alternating leg v-ups
10 triceps pushups

For some of you, this will go very fast. Hit it hard, and hold yourself to the highest movement standards. Then row as hard as you can in the next piece. For some of you, this weight is going to be challenging. Try and use this weight, even if you have to drop the deadlift reps down a bit.

10-20 minutes
for time with a partner:
1500m guys pair
1350m mixed pair
1200m girls pair
one person rowing, one holding:
0-5 min: active hang, you pick the implement
5-10 min: ring support
Switch when partner drops

find a 4rm press @ 3011
then 5 sets of 4 @ 90% @3011

3 rounds supersetted:
AMSAP L-sit hang on rings (false grip if you can)
15-20 barbell wrist curls in each direction
rest as needed in between rounds

Run 400m
Row 500m
rest 4:00
for exact same splits