Daily WOD

CrossFit Workout 4/20/18 Friday

General Warmup
5 Step- today is a long workout. Get moving, but no need to overdo it before a tough chipper. Focus on moving with control and intention.

Workout Warmup
3 easy rounds of :
1 round of the 90 rep
1:00 lizard e/side
3 front squats building above workout weight
10 front rack stretch pulses

CrossFit Workout
For time
1500m row
100 wall ball squats (no throw) 20/14
75 abmat situps
50 goblet reverse lunges 24/16
150m uneven farmer’s carry 28/24 and 20/16
20 front squats 135/95
27:00 Cap

Build to a heavy 7-9 back squat @ 3111
then 3 rounds of 7 back squats @3111 @ 90%

Every 2 min for 15 rounds
1 snatch from the high blocks @40-50% of your 1rm. Set the blocks to be equal to your power position.

4 rounds, with no rest
5 min row
5 min bike
try and hold a slightly higher pace than either of your 45min paces from the last few weeks

CrossFit Workout 4/19/18 Thursday

General Warmup
10 Wall March Foot strike drills
non-max hollow hold
1 length bounding bear crawls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyM87pLPdGg
:15 planche lean https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMCZ6Pjg9_k

Workout Warmup
Every 2 min x 5 rounds
easy 150 m run, focus on striking mid foot
10 lateral banded stepovers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rqrdu4F3rU

CrossFit Workout
AMRAP 12:00
400m run
20 russian kb swings 24/16
10 lateral burpee box jump overs

no lift. 30 min of mobility

4 rounds of unbroken double unders.
Set must get larger each round

around the world
you pick the holds this week

CrossFit Workout 4/18/18 Wednesday

Happy Early Birthday Amaria!

General Warmup
12:00 to accumulate:
20 perfect low ring muscle up transitions
20 perfect tricep pushups
20 perfect ring rows

This is not a lot of volume. Focus on control and perfect movement.
If you finish this in 6 minutes, you did it wrong.

Workout Warmup
3 rounds supersetted of:
1-3 negatives ASAP from rings to sternum position/AMSAP rings to sternum hold
AMRAP strict dips with a slow descent, pause at the bottom, and turnout at the top/1-3 negatives ASAP/AMSAP ring support hold with rings turned out

Then build 4×3
power cleans to wow

CrossFit Workout
Strict Power Elizabeth

Power cleans 135/95
Strict ring dips=>scale to banded ring dips=>scale to box dips

Build to a heavy 4 rep dumbbell row each hand @ 2012
5 rounds of 4 @ 2012 @ 90%
:30 active hang from the bar
rest 4:00 b/t rounds

3 rounds, rest as needed of:
AMSAP false grip hang with a ball in each hand
:20 back of hand knee plank https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgEZnNJHNF8

Mixed Modal Conditioning 
8 rounds for exact same split
12/10 calories row
:12 pronated chest to bar hold
6 burpees over the erg
4 dball over shoulder 80/50
rest 1:00

CrossFit Workout 4/17/18 Tuesday

General Warmup
every minute on the minute for 10 minutes
odd: 10 banded good mornings+ 10 air squats with a pause at rock bottom
even: 50 single unders (or :40 of single unders)

Workout Warmup
10 sets of 2 of:
1 deadlift to power position
1 clean from power position
stay lightish on this and work technique
every 2 rounds:
An easy set of double unders
an easy set of high knees
an easy set of butt kicks

CrossFit Workout
Every 4:00 by 4 rounds
150 run
1 unbroken set of DU
8 unbroken hang cleans

Your score is the number of reps of double unders plus the weight you lift.
So if you do 100 ub du and clean 135, your score is 235. If you break the cleans, they don’t count for that round. You can change weight b/t rounds.

7×2 @ 90% of your heavy high block clean from week 1

accumulate 20 perfect pistol negatives e/leg from a high box. You can hold a light weight if need be. Ideally, be barefoot for this.

4 rounds
3 min row
3 min bike
3 min rest
This week, sell out on the first round and then try and hold as close as you can for the next 3. Sorry in advance 🙂

CrossFit Workout 4/16/18 Monday

General Warmup

3 rounds NFT
6 upright rows with a light dumbbell- focus on elbow height not weight height https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGCHqPBjXvY
:30 lazy side plank/side https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKMGAiDQRNw
:30 rig supported back arch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvMnUm3wLT4
:10 plank: squeeze as hard as possible

Workout Warmup
3 rounds supersetted:
1 legless rope climb with a controlled descent/AMRAP rope pullups with a 3 second pause at the chest and slow descent/AMSAP clenched rope hold
AMRAP wall facing strict HSPU with a pause an inch off the ground/2 negative WF handstand pushups/AMSAP nose and toes hold

CrossFit Workout
3 Wall Walks (if you can’t do wall walks, do pike box wall walks) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIbki_H43Mo 
10 calorie row
150 single KB crush carry 24/16

Build to a heavy 7-9 strict press @ 3012
then 3 sets of 7 @ 90% @3012

3 sets of up to 10 strict eccentric kipping concentric HSPU

4 rounds supersetted:
10-12 incline dumbbell bench press @2211
AMRAP empty barbell curls @ 3112
you can do this with the lift if you want

CrossFit workout 4/14/18 Saturday

General Warmup
10 rounds of :30 on :30 off
Even Rounds: Reverse lunges
Odd Rounds:single unders

Workout Warmup
15 min of
10 slow goblet squats with a pause at the bottom
easy light hang clean practice
jog a 150

CrossFit workout
You go, I go style
No running in between movements, but everyone runs a 550 to start. 
100 Ball slams 30/20. Every time you switch, run a 550 with the slam ball switching as needed
80 front squats 135/95. Every time you switch, both partners run a 400
60 hang power cleans 135/95 every time you switch, run a 150
30:00 cap

make up a lift
If you did all the lifts this week, pick your weakest lift or gymnastics movement and practice that for 20:00 at low intensity/weight

1 max set of thrusters at 75/55. Aim for 25+

3 rounds, rest 5:00 b/t rounds
400/340 m row

CrossFit Workout 4/13/18 Friday

General Warmup

10:00 of
10 deep breaths in half-moon on each side
a non-max set of perfect pushups. If you can pause an inch off the ground, do so
10 scap pullups
10 heaviesh russian kb swings

Workout Warmup

Supinated chest to bar hold
3 rounds of 60% of your max from week 1
supersetted with 3 rounds of up to 1:00 pushup plank on low rings
3 rounds  supersetted of
5 deadlifts building to workout weight
a set of double unders


CrossFit Workout

For Time
70 monkey taps
60 lateral burpees over the bar
550 run
40 deadlifts @ 60% of your max, cap 275/185. If you don’t have a deadlift max, pick the heaviest weight you could do 10 deadlifts with perfect form.
30 Box jumps 24/20
20 strict ring pullups/rows


4 Rounds, supersetted of:
Find a heavy 5-7 of db row @ 2112. Get heavier than last week, even if you have to do 5 or 6 reps.
5-7 reps @ 90% of heavy db row @ 2112
Accumulate 1:00 of double underhand axle bar deadlift hold with a medium weight. DO NOT JERK THE BAR OFF THE GROUND
The weight should be enough to force you to break it up in at least 2 rounds, but light enough to go unbroken in the first round.
rest 5:00 b/t rounds


Accumulate 30 perfect low ring muscle up transitions

45 minute steady bike. Airdyne or actual bike.
Then spend 10 minutes on hip mobility after. “

CrossFit Workout 4/12/18 Thursday

General Warmup
3 rounds
Rowing skill practice–10 back and arms only strokes, 10 half strokes, 10 full strokes. Make them perfect!
6 cossack squats e/side
:30 sampson stretch e/side

Workout Warmup
12 min emom
Min 1: :15 big toe extended posture e/leg
Min 2: Rowing sprint start
Min 3: 8 double KB cleans, building to workout weight

CrossFit Workout
15:00 AMRAP
Hollow Rocks
Air Squats
Cals Rower
:45 double KB Front Rack Hold in between movements 20/12

no lift. mobility instead

Accumulate 50 perfect feet on box kipping chest to bar. This should be EASY. Not much arm/back involvement
Butterfly or regular kip are acceptable.
Set the box up so that the bar is at your chest when you stand tall

Odd: 10 GHDs
Even: 6 Glute Ham Raises as slow as possible on the way down

CrossFit Workout 4/11/18 Wednesday

General warmup
12 min emom
min 1: 15 slow pvc cuban presses
min 2: 6 rotational med ball throws/side
min 3: single leg glute bridge ups :30
switch legs every rotation

Workout Warmup
8 rounds of
1 snatch deadlift to power
1 hang power snatch from high hang
1 overhead squat
stay fairly light and work on being explosive and having good positions
rest as needed in between sets
every 2 sets, run an easy 150 (4 total)

CrossFit Workout
12 min AMRAP
12 Hang snatch 95/65
10 OHS 95/65
10 step ups e/leg 20/16
150 run

build to a heavy high blocks snatch
6 sets of 3 @ 80% of your heavy high block snatch
Rest 4:00 b/t sets

10 min emom
odd: :30 hip taps in handstand position
even: 14 unbroken wallballs 20/14

Around the world
Three rounds
2 min bike easy
Hold 1: Toe tuck saddle
2 min row easy
Hold 2: Farmer’s carry hold 32/24
2 min bike easy
Hold 3: Lunge hold, left leg
2 min row easy
Hold 4: lunge hold, right leg”

CrossFit Workout 4/10/2018 Tuesday

10:00 of
6 light dumbbell S2O e/arm
:45 of downward dog
10 cat/cow
10 supinated bent over barbell rows

Workout Warmup
1 round of ring to chest max hold cap 1:00
1 round of max effort tuck hold on parallettes cap 1:00
3 rounds supersetted of
50% ring to chest hold
50% tuck hold on parallattes If you can’t do a tuck hold, do an n-sit hold on paralletes

CrossFit Workout
For time:
60 S2O 50/35 dumbbell, switch hands as needed. If need be, use a kb
40 V-ups
20 Dumbbell clean/arm 50/35. Switch as needed.

Build to a heavy set of 8-10 presses @ 31×2 in 15 minutes
4 sets of 8presses @31×2 @ 90% of your heavy

3 rounds, supersetted:
max effort parallette l-sit
:15-:20 false grip hang from rings
1:00 balled fist wrist stretch

Pacing Work
For the same time each round
6 rounds
20/16 cal bike
4 burpee chest to bar, strict and supinated
8 ghd situps
:20 front rack hold, 2×24/16 kbs. Pin elbows to ribs, knuckles under chin
rest 1:00 between rounds