Daily WOD

CrossFit Workout 9/25/18 Tuesday

3 rounds of:
1:00 banded front rack stretch/arm
10 empty bar presses+:30 overhead hold

then do the barbell warmup

Workout Warmup
5 rounds

High hang Squat clean x3+push press x3
Kicked up Handstand hold :15+ 1-3 kipping HSPU
Russian Twists x 10/side

CrossFit Workout
12:00 AMRAP
10 hang squat cleans 95/65
3 wall walks

Coach’s Note
This workout will require grip endurance and a willingness to keep moving. Pick a weight you can do a few rounds unbroken with. Be steady on the wall walks, but don’t sprint them unless you know you’re going to be able to keep moving at a high speed for 12 minutes.

Technique warmup:
10:00 of light tall snatches. This isn’t an AMRAP. Just practice pulling under the bar.

then 15:00 to build to a heavy in:
1 high hang snatch+2 snatch balances+ 3 ohs (goal is to get to 70-80%)

6 rounds, all the same pace:

Bike 24/18 calories
12 kb snatches 24/16
8 Box jump step down 28/24
30 ub double unders

rest 1:00

Accumulate 30 perfect kipping ring dips. If you can do this in 2 or less sets, do 50.

CrossFit Workout 9/24/18

10:00 of:
1:00 banded lunge stretch
10 shoulder only kips
:20 ring row hold

Workout Warmup
Do the kettlebell warmup, then:

4 rounds:
Kettlebell Front Rack Split squat X 10/leg all tough sets

:10-:15 ring supinated flexed arm hang + 1-6 perfect kipping pullups/C2B

Flutter Kicks :30 As slow as possible

CrossFit Workout
10 Pullups
20 Goblet lunges 24/16 (total)
400m run

Do C2B if you can

Coach’s Note
This workout should be fast. Push yourself to keep the gymnastics movements close to unbroken. The lunges should absolutely be unbroken. Use the run to moderate your effort.

Close grip bench press
3×10 @ 4011

Rest 3:00 in between sets

10:00 easy run

4x800m run @ 5k pace rest 1:1
4x400m run @ 5k pace-rest 1:1

10:00 easy run

Row 300m
4-10 unbroken pullups (If 10 is easy, do C2B)
rest 1:00

row @ 2k pace

CrossFit Workout 9/22/18 Saturday

Do the 5 step and 90rep

Workout Warmup
15:00 of:
30 double unders
stone to shoulder practice
:10 hanging l-sit
rope climb practice

CrossFit Workout
Teams of 3:
1 person runs a 400
other 2 people work on:
10 rounds of :
60 double unders
15 medball situps (Rx plus GHD)
12 rope elevators OR 3 rope climbs
9 Stone to shoulder 110/70

Switch every time someone finishes the 400.

CrossFit Workout 9/21/18 Friday

4 rounds of:
:30 banded ankle distraction/side
10 squat therapy squats https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUd7erHRN-w
:15 active hang

Workout Warmup
5 rounds of:
3 thrusters up to workout weight
pullup warmup
:30 clamshell hold/side
:15 hard (but not a sprint) bike

CrossFit Workout
Pullup Movement


Pullups/Chest to bar/BMU/Ring muscle ups

Coach’s Note
This workout should be technically challenging and heavy. Choose the most challenging pulling movement you can do, and then work backward from there. The thrusters can be very heavy. If these weights and movements are easy for you, then challenge yourself to do them very quickly.

Deadlift 1rm

3:00 bike for calories

CrossFit Workout 9/20/18 Thursday

If you missed anything this week, make it up. Otherwise:

3 rounds:
1:00 wrist stretch
1 round crossover symmetry
:20 hollow hold
150m run

Workout Warmup
4 rounds of
1 large set of pushups
1 wall walk+:20 handstand hold
5 burpees AFAP
rest 1:30 in between rounds

CrossFit Workout
Death by burpees

20:00 cap

Once you fail, get on a bike and continue with bike calories until the 20:00 mark. (Ladies, subtract 4 calories from the minute. So if you fail in the fifteenth round, do 12 calories in the 16th minute)

Coach’s Note
Stay smooth on these burpees. Try and get at least :30 of rest for as long as possible.

Make up something


Make up something

Make up something

CrossFit Workout 9/19/18 Wednesday

12:00 of:
10 barbell good mornings
Rowing technique work
:30 supinated puppy dog stretch
:30 ring row hold

Workout Warmup
6 rounds of:
1 deadlift building to between 80-90%
2-4 strict supinated pullups OR supinated flexed arm hang
Side plank :15/side
1:00 row

Get faster on the row every time

CrossFit Workout

2k row for time

Go get it! 🙂

Coach’s Note
Make sure your last few warmup rows leave you very out of breath. Start a few seconds above your goal pace, and then hold that for the first 1500. Somewhere between 300 and 200m left, close your eyes and empty the tank. Set your monitors to 2000m row, so that you can see your splits!

Front squat 1rm. Take this from a rack.

400m run for time. Make sure you are really warm before you do this. It’s door to door.

CrossFit Workout 9/18/18 Tuesday

15:00 of:
200m row
Kip swings
:30 goblet squat hold
1:00 lizard stretch/side
1 squat clean, building to 70%

Workout Warmup
Every 3:00 for 4 rounds:
3 squat cleans, every round between 70-80%

10:00 for
T2B Practice
RMU Practice
accumulate 1:30 total in a perfect hollow hold

CrossFit Workout
Open Workout 14.4

14:00 AMRAP
60-calorie row
50 toes-to-bars
40 wall-ball shots, 20/14 to 10/9
30 cleans, 135/95
20 ring muscle-ups

Coach’s Note
Keep the row controlled. Get through the toes to bar as quickly as you can. Starting with small sets is a winning strategy. Compare your scores to the open, if you did it that year!

1rm weighted supinated pullup

5 min AMRAP Ring Muscle Ups
two scores:
first unbroken set
total reps

CrossFit Workout 9/17/18 Monday

10:00 of:
10 scap pushups
:20 bottom of pushup hold
10 plate sotts presses

Workout Warmup
5 rounds:
3 squat snatches up to 135/95
3-5 strict ring dips OR 1 ring dip negative OR :15-:20 ring support hold
:10 hanging L-sit/N-sit

CrossFit Workout
4RFT with a 12:00 cap
15 pushups
12 squat snatches 95/65

Coach’s Note
This workout should go fast. Keep the weight light. The pushups should be 1 or 2 sets at the beginning.

Find a 1rm squat snatch
Find a 1rm squat clean and jerk

CrossFit Workout 9/15/18 Saturday

Reminder: We will be closed for this weekend due to the level 1. We will be at George Washington High Track at 9:00 AM for the Mile Time Trial retest.

See you there!

CrossFit Workout 9/14/18 Friday

10:00 of:
10 banded good mornings
10 handstand shoulder taps/arm
:20 air squat hold

Workout Warmup
5 rounds of:
The pullup warmup
3 Deadlifts building above wow
1 slow leopard crawl

CrossFit Workout
10 min amrap
20 cal row
10 pullups
20 burpees over bar
10 deadlifts 225/155

Coach’s Note
This workout is about pushing the row and getting through the burpees smoothly. Pick a weight on the deadlifts that’s manageable.

Find a 3RM Close grip bench press

no skills

:30 on :30 off on the bike for 10:00
score is LOWEST number of calories