Workout of the Day

CrossFit Workout 2/23/18 Friday

We will be doing the CrossFit Open 18.1 workout all day today.

We will be hosting Friday Night Lights at the gym from 4:30 -7:00 every Friday night during the CrossFit Open.  If you can make it during that time to do your workout you will have lots of people there to cheer you on.  We will have refreshments after.  I hope many of you can make it.

See you at the gym.

CrossFit Workout 2/22/18 Thursday

12:00 of:
10 kang squats
4 alternating lizard stretches
3 power cleans, building to 80-90%

CrossFit Workout
4 rounds of:
500/400 row
1 Power clean between 80%-90%
rest 1 minute

Immediately into 3 rounds of:
1 rowing sprint start. Make sure that these are all out. We want to touch your top-end output to get you prepped for Friday night lights!
2:00 of rest.

Cool down
2:00 couch stretch each side.
2:00 easy movement
2:00 barbell puppy dog stretch
2:00 easy movement

CrossFit Workout 2/21/18 Wednesday

Double Under clinic with Christo all evening.  This is your last opportunity to get some DU practice in before the Open starts.

Every 2:00 by 5 rounds
:45 of light paused goblet squats. You may go as slow as you wish, but you must do squats for :45 straight.
10 single leg bunny hops each leg
5 light kettlebell snatches each arm

CrossFit Workout
100 double-unders–if you have ever gotten even 1 double under, I want you to scale this to some number of double-unders that will take you between 1 and 4 minutes to complete.. If you can only do double under singles, get 10 double-unders. If you can do single-double-single-double, do 20 double-unders. Work with your coach on this, but find a number that is going to challenge you to do double-unders in a workout, instead of singles.

For time:
60 kettlebell snatches,24/16 (total)
40 lunges with the same bell you used for snatches in a goblet squat position.
20 push-ups
10 calorie row

100 double-unders. Same rules apply if you don’t have double-unders.

5 x 10 back squats at 50% of your max.  Use as much time in between as needed.

CrossFit Workout 2/20/18 Tuesday

5 x 3 front squats, up to workout weight
20 double-unders after each set
followed by 3 ascending height box jumps, up to workout height

CrossFit Workout
Five 3-minute rounds of:
10 front squats, (185/125), (155/105), (135/95), (95/65)
10 box jumps, 8-12″ higher than normal
Row for max calories
Rest 3 minutes between rounds.

Your score is the total number of calories rowed during all 5 work intervals.

Find your max push press single.
Find your max push jerk single.
Find your max split jerk single.

CrossFit Workout 2/19/18 Monday

5 x 3 of hang squat snatches, up to something much heavier than your workout weight
Interspersed with the pull-up warm-up.

CrossFit Workout
As many rounds in 20 minutes of:
5 hang power snatches, 95 lbs/65 bs
10 pullups

If you can do muscle-ups, please do 3 MUs per round instead of the pull-ups.

After the workout, take some time to recover and then work up to a max squat CLEAN.

CrossFit Workout 2/16/18 Friday

5 rounds of:
8 RFESS each side. Add weight if you can.
30 double unders
5 DB/KB medium weight thrusters
15/12 calorie row

CrossFit Workout
From 0-3:00 complete 2 rounds of:
8 Thrusters 95/65
8 bar facing burpees

If you complete 2 rounds in under 4 minutes, from 3-6 complete 2 rounds of
10 thrusters
10 BFB

If this is completed, from 6-9 complete
12 thrusters
12 BFB

If this is completed from 9-12 complete
14 thrusters
14 BFB

If this is completed, from 12-15 AMRAP
16 thrusters
16 BFB

Max for the day of:
Power Clean

After you have found your max for the day, drop to 90% of that weight and perform:
2 power cleans on the 2:00 start interval for 10 minutes.

CrossFit Workout 2/14/18 Wednesday

Please remember that Christo is doing another double-under skills workshop tonight.

5(3 hang power snatches + 3 snatch balances)
Double-under practice

CrossFit Workout
For Time:
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of:
hang power snatch, 95 lbs/65 lbs
Interspersed with:
50-45-40-35-30-25-20-15-10-5 reps of:

EMOM for 20 minutes of:
1 push press + 2 split jerks
Start at 70% of your push press and go up from there.

CrossFit Workout 2/13/18 Tuesday

The Rob Shaul Warmup
5 times through with a barbell, adding weight each time
3 power cleans
3 push presses
3 lunges, each leg

After each set of the RS Warm-up, do a set of toes-to-bar.

CrossFit Workout
As many rounds and reps in 12 minutes of:
20 V-ups
10 left-handed overhead walking lunges, 24 kg/16 kg
10 right-handed overhead walking lunges, 24 kg/16 kg

Work up to a heavy snatch single.
Then do:
5 x 3 reps of snatch balance at 90% of the weight that you just snatched.


CrossFit Workout 2/12/18 Monday

5 x 3 of clean and jerk, up to workout weight
30 double-unders after each set

CrossFit Workout
7 rounds for time of:
1 clean and jerk attempt
35 double-unders

You have two scores here.
Score #1 is total amount of weight lifted.
Score #2 is your time for the 7 rounds.

You only get one attempt.  So if you miss your attempt, get back to the jump rope.  You don’t get to count that weight in your total.  Pick a weight that is very heavy for you, but that you are sure that you can make.  For most of you, this should be a power clean and split jerk.

You must use the same weight for all 7 attempts.

Choose wisely.

EMOM for 20 minutes of:
3 back squats

Start 10 lbs (5 lbs for women) heavier than the last time you did this workout.  Start to add weight after 10 minutes.

CrossFit Workout 2/9/18 Friday

3 Rounds
:30 Wide squat hold
20 line jumps (like stick jumps, but just over a line in the floor.) Focus on speed off the ground
6 ring rows with a pause at the chest. If ring rows are easy put your feet on a box.
2-6 strict HSPU. If you don’t have HSPU do 1 negative as slow as you can. If you can’t do a negative, do 1 wall-walk into a max hold up to :30

Workout prep
EMOM for 12 minutes of:
1: 30 Double unders
2: 5 power cleans building to 165/115
3: Pull-up warm-up
4: 12 light wall balls

CrossFit Workout
As many rounds and reps in 19 minutes of:
100 Wallballs 20/14–Ladies go to 9 feet, since this is open prep.
75 Double unders
50 Burpee Box Jump overs.
25 Power cleans 135/95
10 Bar Muscle Ups

In fifteen minutes Build to a heavy set of 5 closegrip bench press.
Then every 4 minutes by 4 rounds do 5 at 85% of your heavy.

Every 2:00 x10 rounds
20/15 cal bike
1 legless rope climb. If you can’t do legless rope climbs do 3 rope pullups with each hand on top. If you can’t do rope pullups do AMSAP (as many seconds as possible) of a top of rope chinup hold.