Train to Transition Veterans Project

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T3 Mission: Do Good!
To help Veterans transition to civilian life through physical training and community. T3 provides sponsored memberships to T3 affiliated CrossFit gyms.

How Does T3 Work?
Train to Transition places veterans in an athletic team environment where they are challenged to transition a military mindset to an athletic mindset. Veterans in the program are engaged in 4 pursuits:

  • Physical: Re-build strength, and create healthy habits.
  • Emotional: Teambuilding & group support.
  • Social: Make lasting, positive relationships, and build trust in others.
  • Mental: Learn the traits of an athletic mindset: discipline, responsibility, perseverance, accountability, confidence, positive attitude, coach-ability, self-control, mental focus, courage, resiliency, teamwork, pride.

T3 Vision:

  • Our long-term vision is to place Veterans into the T3 affiliated CrossFit facilities across the country.
  • To develop a training program for Coaches to facilitate the program and appropriately support our Veteran’s needs.

T3 Roles:

  • Sponsors: T3 procures Sponsors for Veteran’s CrossFit membership expenses.
  • Mentors: assist the Veteran through each phase of the program.
  • Veterans: are confirmed by DD-214 discharge paperwork, responsible to train a minimum of 3-days-a-week, work hard physically, be engaged in the fight to transition mentally and emotionally, give back to the community by volunteering at events and fundraisers, and mentor new Veterans coming into the program.

Our Story:
FRCF was born from Skip’s desire to fill a void after the military. He missed, and wished to re-create, the teamwork and camaraderie from his time serving in the 10th Mountain Division. We opened the gym and nurtured the team atmosphere. We believe every member is an athlete, with a role and responsibility to The Team. One-by-one our Veteran members have told us how being a part of the FRCF Team helped them transition to their new civilian life. It became clear that reintegration does not occur at the national level, it happens in communities, one Veteran at a time. And so we formalized the T3Veterans Project to raise the funds to assist other Veterans through the process of reintegration.

Meeting the Need:

  • 2.7 million Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.– 2014 study
  • 26% of combat Veterans have mental health conditions (PTSD, anxiety, depression). – 2009 Rand report
  • 50% of those with PTSD do not seek treatment – 400,000 untreated cases of PTSD. – VA estimates
  • 11 million Veterans are not in the labor force. – 2014 study
  • 49,933 Veterans experienced homelessness on a single night in January 2014. – 2014  Point-in-Time Count
  • 22-A-Day: Rate of Veteran suicide. – 2012 VA Suicide Data  Report
  • 41% of veterans stated that they are more likely to exercise if they can do it with a group or team.

Do Good!
Deeds not Words. Sponsor T3 Veterans Project.
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