FRCF Workshops

Sports Psychology Discussion

2017 dates to come
Megan Marsh will be holding a Sports Psychology discussion focused on getting the most out of your CrossFit daily workouts, competition performance or overall fitness-goal achievement ... Read More

Jump-N-Rope Clinic

2017 dates to come
Molly Metz, 5-Time World Jump Rope Champion, and competitive jump rope coach is bringing competitive jump rope techniques and training to FRCF ... Read More

Mobility Workshops

2017 dates to come
Schedule a private screening with Corey Pribyl today ... Read More

Rowing Clinic

2017 dates to come
We are super lucky to have the opportunity to Train with Big Jon Kissick. During this 2-hour seminar he will be going over rowing skills, drills ... Read More

Nutrition Program

Free Nutition Consult to New FRCF Members
Also, Nutrition Kickstart Program - Four weeks of an anti-inflammatory diet ... Read More

Running Program

2017 dates to come
This program is designed to cover all aspects of running techniques, drills, warm-ups, shuttles, track work, and distance vs sprint ... Read More

Kettlebell Workshops

2017 dates to come
Learning efficiency in Kettlebell Lifting. We will be covering the Modern Kettlebell Snatch, the Kettlebell Clean and Jerk and many assistance exercises ... Read More


2017 dates to come
This triathlon training program is very specifically designed for a sprint tri at the end of the Summer. FRCF usually has about 30-40 athletes compete each ... Read More