Front Range Weightlifting Youth Summer Training Camps

Front Range Weightlifting Club will offer two 4-week training camps (morning and afternoon options) for youth (ages 11-17) this summer focusing on learning the Olympic movements (Snatch and Clean & Jerk) and their derivatives. In addition, participants will learn the basics of plyometrics (jump training), form running, ballistic training (weighted implements), weightlifting competitions, general fitness, sport performance and aspects of nutrition. This is the most comprehensive camp in the Denver area whether your child wants to compete in the sport of weightlifting or use the Olympic movements to improve overall athletic abilities (i.e. be better at other sports).

Where: Front Range CrossFit’s new Uesaka Barbell Training Center
Who: Youth (ages 11-17)
Months: 3 month options: June, July or Both, Summer 2017
Days: 3 days a week: Mon, Wed, Fri
Times: 2 time options: 10am-11am or 6pm-7pm
Contact: Paul Fleschler with any questions at 719.494.7900
Cost: $99 per camp
Register here: