FRCF Age Group Competition

The registration fee for this 2-day event is $85, and registration link is:

All profits raised from this event will go to Train to Transition Veterans Project. Our mission is to help veterans transition to civilian life through education, physical training and community. For more information go to

The FRCF Age Group Event

Want to test yourself against the CF Age Group Qualifier Workouts? Do you want competition conditions, energy in the room, cheering crowds to motivate you to do your very best?

Then this is the event for you.

When: April 21st – 22nd
FRCF will be hosting the CF Age Group Qualifier the weekend of April 21-22 and we will be doing the CF workouts under competition standards with judges.

Anyone can compete, but prizes will be awarded by age group.

We will do doing the workouts that CrossFit Inc puts out for their Age Group Qualifiers. They normally do 4 events over 4 days. We will be doing those events over two days. Two each day. These workouts usually involve muscle-ups and hand-stand pushups. We will allow scaling in this competition, but if you scale, it will obviously knock you out of competition for the overall prizes.

Video Requirements: If you are in the top 200 athletes in your age group in the world, and you are attempting to make the CrossFit Games, we will work with you to make the video requirement happen.

Age Groups:
Anyone, of any age, is eligible to compete in this event.
We will have several different competition categories that will be eligible for prizes.

Junior               Under 18 years old
Senior              18 – 34 years old
Master             35 – 39 years old
Master             40 – 44 years old
Master             45 – 49 years old
Master             50 – 54 years old
Master             55 – 59 years old
Master             60 + years old

Your age will be determined by the age that you will be on July 15th, 2018.

Number of Athletes:
Because of the unknown nature of the workouts (even to us as the organizers of the event) we will limit the number of athletes to 100 athletes. That is a small enough number that we can adjust to whatever CrossFit throws at us.

Most of us do the CrossFit Age Group Qualifier workouts at our gyms. This is an opportunity to do those workouts in a competition setting. I hope that you will join us for this event.