FRCF Fall Weightlifting Meet 2018

This is a sanctioned USAW event: To compete at this meet, you must be a registered lifter with USAW. This is an Olympic Lifting meet, the two lifts contested are the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk.

Registration: to come. This meet has always sold out early so don’t wait to register.

Rules: All USAW rules will be followed.

Attire: You must wear a weightlifting singlet and weightlifting shoes.

Awards: each weight class in Youth, Senior, and Master age groups. As well as for Best Lifter, and Top Clubs, Male and Female.

Athletes: There are 125 competitor slots.

The Weightlifting Club Competition: will be contested with teams of up to eight men and eight women. No more than 2 lifters can be in the same weight class. Coaches must declare their teams prior to the start of the meet.

The weight classes for the men are:
31 kg, 35 kg, 39 kg, 44 kg, 50 kg, 56 kg, 62 kg, 69 kg, 77 kg, 85 kg, 94 kg, 105 kg,105+ kg

The weight classes for the women are:
31 kg, 35 kg, 39 kg, 44 kg, 48 kg, 53 kg, 58 kg, 63 kg, 69 kg, 75 kg, 90 kg, 90+kg

You will need to declare your weight class when you register today, but you will be able to change it up to the weigh-in.

Age Groups: we will have awards for Youth, Junior, Senior and Master age groups.

Lifting Sessions and Times: will be determined after registration closes and will be posted on the FRCF website. 

All Updates: will be posted on

Questions: Email

We look forward to seeing you at the event.