CrossFit Workout 5/10/17 Wednesday

General Warm-up

550 meter row or run

IronScap Shoulder Warm-up (start this at 5 past the hour)

5 Step Movement and Mobility  (start this at 10 past the hour)

90 Rep Warm-up (start this at 15 past the hour)
3 rounds of:
10 air squats
10 pushups
10 V-ups

Workout Specific Warm-u(start this at 20 past the hour)

EMOM for 12 minutes of:
16 kettlebell snatches, ascending
10 kettlebell two handed push presses, ascending
150 meter run

Workout (start this at 40 past the hour)

As many rounds in 12 minutes of:
15 kettlebell swings, 24 kg (16 kg)
15 pushups
150 meter run

Competition Team Lift

EMOM for 20 minutes of:
1 power clean + 1 split jerk
Start at 70% and go up as you can.

Competition Team Skills

EMOM for 20 minutes of:
20 double-unders
5 strict pullups

All 25 reps each minute.

Supplemental Workout

10 rounds, on the 4 minute start of:
row 500 meters
10 burpees as soon as you get off the rower.  These need to be done as quickly as you possible can.
Start easy and get progressively faster as you go.