CrossFit Workout 4/21/17 Friday

General Warm-up

550 meter run

IronScap Shoulder Warm-up (start this at 5 past the hour)

5 Step Movement and Mobility  (start this at 10 past the hour)

90 Rep Warm-up (start this at 15 past the hour)
3 rounds of:
10 air squats
10 pushups
10 V-ups

Workout Specific Warm-u(start this at 20 past the hour)

5  sets of:
1 power clean
1 front squat
1 jerk
1 back squat
1 jerk
1 overhead squat

Do this up to your workout weight

Workout (start this at 40 past the hour)

5 rounds for time of:
1 barbell complex
150 meter run

Barbell Complex
1 power clean
3 front squats
1 push jerk
3 back squats
1 push jerk
1 overhead squat

You must do the entire complex without setting the bar down.  If you fail at any point, you must start that round again from the power clean.  You may rest with the bar in either the front rack or the back rack as long as you wish.  You just can’t put the bar back down on the ground.

You are scored two ways.  One score is the weight you use.  The other score is your time.

This has a 20 minute time cap.

Competition Team Lift

Find your one rep max for the day.
Competition Team Skills

Spend 20 minutes upside down.

Supplemental Workout
On Friday, Saturday or Sunday, move your body for 3 hours straight.  Run, row, bike, swim, hike, XC ski, snow shoe, etc.  Or a combination there of.  But get your heart rate up for 3 straight hours.