CrossFit Workout 4/11/17 Tuesday

FRCF Combatives

Tuesday nights at 6:30 PM.

Talk to Skip for more information.  This training is open to non-FRCF members as well, you just need to contact .

General Warm-up

550 meter row or run

IronScap Shoulder Warm-up (start this at 5 past the hour)

5 Step Movement and Mobility  (start this at 10 past the hour)

90 Rep Warm-up (start this at 15 past the hour)
3 rounds of:
10 air squats
10 pushups
10 V-ups

Workout Specific Warm-up (Start this at 20 past the hour)

5 x 150 meter run
a set of toes-to-bar after each set
30 double-unders after each set

Workout (start this at 40 past the hour)

10 rounds for time of:
5 box jumps, 8-12″ taller than your normal box jump height
150 meter run

The height of the box should be high enough that you can’t bound
Competition Team Lift
15 rounds, on the :90 start interval of:
1 squat snatch + 1 hang power snatch + 3 snatch balances
Start at 70% of your power snatch and go up if you can.
Competition Team Skills
5 rounds for completion of:
300 meter row
15 perfect pushups

Supplemental Workout

Airdyne Intervals
20 rounds of:
1 minute hard
:30 easy spin