CrossFit Workout 2/9/18 Friday

3 Rounds
:30 Wide squat hold
20 line jumps (like stick jumps, but just over a line in the floor.) Focus on speed off the ground
6 ring rows with a pause at the chest. If ring rows are easy put your feet on a box.
2-6 strict HSPU. If you don’t have HSPU do 1 negative as slow as you can. If you can’t do a negative, do 1 wall-walk into a max hold up to :30

Workout prep
EMOM for 12 minutes of:
1: 30 Double unders
2: 5 power cleans building to 165/115
3: Pull-up warm-up
4: 12 light wall balls

CrossFit Workout
As many rounds and reps in 19 minutes of:
100 Wallballs 20/14–Ladies go to 9 feet, since this is open prep.
75 Double unders
50 Burpee Box Jump overs.
25 Power cleans 135/95
10 Bar Muscle Ups

In fifteen minutes Build to a heavy set of 5 closegrip bench press.
Then every 4 minutes by 4 rounds do 5 at 85% of your heavy.

Every 2:00 x10 rounds
20/15 cal bike
1 legless rope climb. If you can’t do legless rope climbs do 3 rope pullups with each hand on top. If you can’t do rope pullups do AMSAP (as many seconds as possible) of a top of rope chinup hold.