CrossFit Workout 11/11/17 Saturday

Train to Transition Veteran’s Day Fundraiser
Saturday, November 11th
9-11 AM

Please remember that we are hosting the T3 Veteran’s Day Fundraiser this Saturday, November 11th from 9-11 AM.  Any and all CrossFitters are welcome to come in and work hard in support of the veterans that have served our country.

You can donate at this link.

We will have computers set up to donate the morning of the 11th as well.

The Workout

30 minutes of:
30 double-unders
10 deadlifts
5 clean and jerks
1 snatch attempt

Your score is the total amount of weight snatched in the 30 minute work period.
You can pick any weight to put on the barbell.  All barbell movements are done with the same weight. However, you only get one attempt at the snatch per round.  So if you miss the snatch, you must do all of the other work before attempting another snatch.