CrossFit Workout 11/10/17 Friday

Train to Transition Veteran’s Day Fundraiser
Saturday, November 11th
9-11 AM

Please remember that we are hosting the T3 Veteran’s Day Fundraiser this Saturday, November 11th from 9-11 AM.  Any and all CrossFitters are welcome to come in and work hard in support of the veterans that have served our country.

5 x 10 two handed KB clean presses, ascending weight
a set of toes to bar in between each set

CrossFit Workout
5 rounds for time of:
20 calories on the rower
15 pushups
10 ring rows
5 two handed kettlebell presses, as heavy as you can do a 5 rep set

Yes, I want you to do ring rows.  If you can do pull-ups, raise your feet up on a box and do elevated ring rows.

10 rounds, on the :90 start interval of:
3 overhead squats.  NO RACKS.
Start at 70% and go up as you can.