CrossFit Workout 1/31/18 Wednesday

Double-Under Clinic
Wednesday, January 31st

Jeremy will be doing a double under clinic in each afternoon class!  You know that there are going to be double-unders in the CrossFit Open that starts at the end of February.  If you struggle with them, this is a great opportunity to get some great instruction and practice in.  

Don’t miss out.

8 min for quality:
1 heel to toe walking up and back
8 scap retractions
:30 wrist stretch

20:00 double under clinic

5:00 to do the pull up warm-up

CrossFit Workout
7 minute AMRAP:
10 chest-to-bar pullups
25 double-unders

Take 15 minutes and build to a heavy power clean+2 front squats+jerk.
Every 5 minutes x 4 rounds