CrossFit Workout 1/12/18 Friday

General Warm-up
9 min EMOM of:
1:30 behind the neck rack stretch. Make sure that the bar is fully in your hand.
2 :30 goblet squat hold
3 10 banded good mornings

Workout specific prep
12 min EMOM of:
1 Rowing sprint start
2 RFESS x6 e leg. Focus on keeping your chest up and pulling your knee back towards the box.
3 5 thrusters, building to 135/95
4 6-8 burpees over the bar, getting faster each round.

Try and hold yourself to something close to your sprint pace from last week on the burpees. Pick a weight that you will go unbroken for on the thrusters

9-6-3 reps for time of:
burpees over the bar
thrusters 95/65

3:30 cap

During your rest make sure to walk/row/bike. No sitting/laying down. Rolling around on the ground for a few seconds is permissible. 🙂

At the 10 minute mark……

9-6-3 reps for time of:
burpees over the bar
Interspersed with…..
9-9-9 row calories

4:00 cap

Move during your rest. walk/row/bike/ etc. See above for rolling.

At the 20 minute mark……..

9-6-3 reps for time of:
thrusters, 95/65
Interspersed with…..
9-9-9 r
ow Calories

3:30 cap

Score is your total time without the rest. These should be sprints.

Max something.  Your choice.