CrossFit Program
The foundation of everything that we do at FRCF is the CrossFit timed workout.  One of the unique things about FRCF programming is the fact that every athlete that works out at FRCF does the same timed workout – everyone from the 4-time CrossFit Games qualifier to the brand new FRCF athlete. CrossFit is infinitely scalable and your FRCF Coaches are very, very good at making sure that the workout is modified for ANY fitness level.

Skills Program
CrossFit Skills Private Sessions are the entry point into our CrossFit program.  During these 8 sessions, you will learn the skills necessary to integrate smoothly and safely into our regular group CrossFit workouts. Each session will include a dynamic stretch, specific skill training and practice, as well as a CrossFit timed workout. This program starts with an evaluation, we discuss your needs, and we will follow your progress and help you to achieve your goals.

The FRCF Boot Camp
This workout is designed to build work capacity, cardiovascular and respiratory endurance. It is a “CrossFit-style” workout but without barbells. The workouts will test your fortitude,  grit, will power and character. You will not be yelled at from a drill Sargent, you will be coached and guided to perform your best and improve your ability to reach your goals.

FRCF Strength Program
This is how you get stronger and faster at the FRCF timed workouts.  It incorporates deadlifts, presses, and squats into a systematic strength program.  It takes 15-20 minutes to do and is performed after the FRCF workout-of-the-day.

Basic Barbell
This is an hour-long workout that is coached by National Level USAW Coach Jodi Miller at 5:00 PM Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Whether you are a complete novice to the barbell lifts, or if it has been a while and you need a refresher, a few weeks in this program will improve your technique.  In it you will learn the skills necessary to transition into our Olympic Weightlifting Program.

Olympic Weightlifting Program
FRCF has produced some of the best Olympic weightlifters in the CrossFit community.  We were one of the very first CrossFit Affiliates to produce athletes that qualified for any of the National level USAW meets. And we produced the first CrossFitter to earn a National Champion USAW Title.

In this program you will perfect the Olympic weightlifting movements, the snatch and the clean and jerk. It is performed in the FRCF Weight Room, takes about an hour per session, and you are coached the entire time.

Rowing Program
This is Big Jon Kissick’s program and it is a once-a-week workout held in the fall, as we prepare our Team to compete at the Mile High Sprints.  In it you will learn fundamental rowing techniques that will serve you well, both in a rowing competition, and in your CrossFit workouts.

Gymnastics Program
In those workouts you will learn basic gymnastics skills:  muscle-ups, handstand pushups, hand walking, ring work and some floor skills. There is a basic bodyweight strength requirement to be eligible to participate in these workouts. This program is seasonal, watch for it on the schedule.