Nutrition Program


Free Consult to all New FRCF Members
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Free Consultation and Examination with Dr. Chris
Make sure your nervous system is running free of interference with a consultation and examination with Dr. Chris in February 2017. Free for all FRCF’rs ($185 value). Call the Advanced Spine Rehab Center (number below). Schedule soon to save your spot.

Karen shares an office with Dr. Chris called Advanced Spine Rehab Center. They offer chiropractic biophysics, massage therapy, nutrition consulting, and community events. They are located in Cherry Creek just off of Colorado and Alameda only 3.5 miles from FRCF.

Advanced Spine Rehab Center
3865 Cherry Creek N Drive Suite LL70
Denver, CO 80209

CrossFit Program

The foundation of everything that we do at FRCF is the CrossFit timed workout.  One of the unique things about FRCF programming is the fact that every athlete that works out at FRCF does the same timed workout – everyone from the 5-time CrossFit Games competitor to the brand new FRCF athlete. CrossFit is infinitely scalable and your FRCF Coaches are very, very good at making sure that the workout is modified for ANY fitness level. This philosophy gels our community into one whole, without cliques. It also allows each member to have their workout personally scaled to their needs. And, we have found, it allows for faster growth to achieving workouts as prescribed, without modifications.

Skills Program

CrossFit Skills Private Sessions are the entry point into our CrossFit program.  During these 8-10 sessions, you will learn the skills necessary to integrate smoothly and safely into our regular group CrossFit workouts. Each session will include a dynamic stretch, specific skill training and practice, as well as a CrossFit timed workout. This program starts with an evaluation, we discuss your needs, and how CrossFit and FRCF may fit those needs. Your Personal Coach will follow your progress throughout your membership at FRCF and help you to achieve your long term goals.

Boot Camp

Monday-Saturday 8-9 am

The Boot Camp workout is designed to build work capacity, cardiovascular and respiratory endurance. It is a “CrossFit-style” workout without barbells.The workouts will test your fortitude, grit, will power and character. You will not be yelled at from a drill Sargent, you will be coached and guided to perform your best and improve your ability to reach your goals.

There is no intro classes need to join in. So come for a Free trial and then get started!

Our skilled coaches will teach you everything you need to know during the classes. We will demo the movements and coach you through correct form and technique.

All body-types welcome! We are here to get you fit from what-ever your starting point in a supportive and positive environment.

2 months for $200 (Boot Camp-only membership)

Strength Program

This is how you get stronger and faster at the FRCF timed workouts!
The Strength Program incorporates deadlifts, presses, and squats into a systematic program.  It takes 15-20 minutes to do, 3 days a week, and is performed after the FRCF workout-of-the-day in the weight room.

This program is available for free to all FRCF members.


Work on your gymnastics skills with Coach Pete Mentz.

Are you looking to add a new dimension to your CrossFit workouts?  If so, the FRCF gymnastics class is for you. Skills include; tumbling basics, including forward and backward rolls, handstands and hand-walking.  It is, after all, difficult to complete a handstand push-up without a good handstand. We want you to feel more comfortable being up-side-down. You may even find yourself being spotted through a back flip! Count on spending time on the rings and bars practicing basic swing mechanics, muscle-up progressions and glide kips. Pete can take advanced athletes through higher level techniques as needed.

Our goal is for you to improve your balance, flexibility and body awareness, as well as improve skills that you can immediately use in your CrossFit workouts.  

Pete received his formal gymnastic training from Joe Greco, and later the infamous pair of Mr. Andrew Felice and Abraham “Gabe” Gabriel. Mr. Felice accumulated an overall gymnastic team record at Henninger High School of 212-12 with over 100 consecutive CNYCL victories.

Pete spent several years coaching under George Sabatka at the longstanding Westside Gymnastic School in central NY.  It would be difficult to count the numerous gymnastic scholarships Mr. Sabatka helped students to earn.

We are very fortunate to have Pete as our gymnastics coach at FRCF. Please take advantage of this opportunity and seek his knowledge and experience to better your skills.

Open Gym

Monday through Friday from 12-2 pm

Did you know that FRCF added Open gym to the regular class schedule? What does that mean for you?

Sometimes it is hard to get out of work on time to make a Noon workout. That no longer means you are not going to the gym! Now you can fit in your workout and your lunch on your work schedule. Or, maybe you just need to get in your lift today and you can only get in at Noon. now you can.

We have heard our athletes ask for more flex time around the work-lunch hour and now you have it. Enjoy your workout!

Competition Program

We have always had an emphasis on CrossFit-as-Sport at FRCF.  We affiliated with CrossFit in April 2006 and started to put together our concept of a Team. We trained together and competed together. We ran our own events to get experience.

When we read about the 2007 CrossFit Games, we all knew that we had to compete in it the next year.

In 2008, FRCF sent 14 athletes to the CrossFit Games.  Our best male athlete took 8th.  Our best female athlete took 15th.  It wasn’t just the placements that were important that year, we went out there to compete together as a “Team” and we all had an amazing time.

The FRCF CrossFit Competition Team was born from the experience we all had at the 2008 CrossFit Games.  We knew there was no turning back.  The Sport of CrossFit was just too much fun.  FRCF has qualified athletes to the Games every year from 2008 – 2016.


  • FRCF is one of 2 teams in the world to qualify an Affiliate Cup Team to the CrossFit Games 6 times, 2008-2013.
  • The top placement of the FRCF Affiliate Team was Second in 2011.
  • FRCF Masters Athletes have taken 7 trips to the CrossFit Games, with 5 podiums.
  • In 2009 and 2012, the girls of FRCF took all 3 podium spots at the CrossFit Regonals.

If you are looking at CrossFit as a sport, you need three things to be successful.

  • A motivated athlete
  • A great training environment
  • Quality Coaching

There are exceptions to every rule. But without the presence of all three of those factors, you will not be successful in the Sport of CrossFit. Or really, any sport.

If you are serious about competing at CrossFit, look at the RESULTS of every gym that you are considering.  Look at the Coach’s record that you will be working with. What has that Coach enabled his/her athletes to accomplish?  The answer to that question is the only thing that ACTUALLY matters to you as an athlete.  The rest is just conjecture. And we all know what that is worth.

Experience and results speak another language all together.

At FRCF, we produce great results. We will take you from where you are today, to wherever your dedication and motivation will allow you to go.

At FRCF, where you start determines the pace and length of time it takes you to reach your goals. You will be paired up with one of our Senior Coaches and work out a plan that is best for you. If you are willing to do the work, we will get you where you want to go.  It literally comes down to how hard you are willing to work, how much time you are willing to dedicate, and how coachable you are.

Come in and try out what we do and then make an educated decision. Whether you aspire to compete as an individual, on a team, or as a master’s athlete, we have the proven ability to enable you to meet your goals.