FRCF Training Facility

FRCF has just over 9,500 sq. ft. of training space that is split into two large rooms.

The CrossFit Gym
The CrossFit Gym has roughly 8500 pounds of weights, 17 Concept 2 rowers and enough kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, bumper plates, jump boxes, medicine balls, slam balls, gymnastics rings, pull-up bars, and enough open space to effectively train up to 36 athletes in a single workout. Our ceilings are 15’ high to accommodate ropes and rings and a pull-up/jungle-gym structure.

The Uesaka Training Center
This is the home of Front Range Weightlifting Club.

We have a total of 13 dedicated lifting platforms. By the end of 2017, each platform will have men’s and women’s Uesaka barbells, and a full set of Uesaka weights. We are in the transition to Uesaka equipment now and we have almost 8 stations converted already! We also have 12 mobile racks, two enclosed squat racks, two sets of jerk boxes and six sets of pull boxes and a permanent competition-sized platform center stage.

Uesaka is one of only 5 IWF certified weightlifting equipment manufacturers in the world. They are the official sponsor of the Olympic Games for Weightlifting and now they are partnering with Front Range CrossFit to create the premier weightlifting center in the country.

Weightlifters at the Uesaka Training Center already use some of the best equipment in the world and are coached by Senior International Coach Paul Fleschler. However, This year we will also be adding force-plate platforms, bar speed units, and a delayed play-back high-definition video system. With the closing of the Weightlifting Residents Program in CO Springs at the OTC, we intend to become a Regional Training Center for USAW.

FRCF has both stall and individual bathrooms and a shower. Day-use free cubbies and paid long-term lockers and weightlifting shoe storage. A T-shirt shop, dedicated mobility area, and vast outside training space. We have plenty of parking right outside the doors, and 5 huge garage doors that are open, weather permitting, to let in the crisp Colorado air.