FRCF Rates

Free Trial:

  • We give a Free Trial with a Personal Coach to anyone who has never done CrossFit before. This is a one-on-one session scheduled at your convenience.
  • If you have been CrossFitting at another Affiliate, please let us know and you can join our group class for your Free Trial.

Skills Program:

  • If you are new to CrossFit we have an 8-Class Skills Program for $300.

In this program you will learn all of the CrossFit movements necessary to join our group classes. This includes Weightlifting and bodyweight movements using everything from med balls to kettlebells to barbells. These classes are one-on-one, scheduled at your convenience.

Full Memberships:

When you pass out of the Skills program, our Memberships are “Unlimited” and you do not have to sign up for classes, just show up. This includes CrossFit, Weightlifting, Strength Program, Competition Program, Gymnastics, Mobility, Boot Camp, and our seasonal classes like Rowing. New members receive a Free Nutrition consult with Karen Rylander.

Unlimited 6-Month Rate:

  • $175 per month (with a 6 month contract, paid on the first of each month)
  • $150 per month (6 months paid-in-full)

We have discounts for First Responders (Police/Fire/EMT’s), Military, Teachers & Students, & Families:

  • $155 per month (with a 6 month contract, paid on the first of each month)
  • $135 per month (6 months paid-in-full)


  • Drop-ins from other Affiliates are $20-a-day or $50-a-week.
  • Punch Cards for Traveling CrossFitters are 10 days for $150 to be used in 6 months.
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Getting Started:

Your first workout is always free. We want you to experience the community and the quality of coaching at FRCF before making your decision to join the team.

Skills Classes: If you are new to CrossFit, you will go through 8 one-hour Skill sessions.  These can be done individually, or with a friend of your choosing at no additional cost. These sessions will get you up to speed quickly, so you can join our group workouts in a safe, effective manner. Our Coaches are some of the most experienced Coaches in the CrossFit world. They are very good at working with all fitness and skill levels.

Group CrossFit:  After you have passed through the Skills Classes, you graduate to our group workouts and our entire training schedule is open to you. It’s time to get fit!